Turn-key experiential programs that teach tech skills in a global context.

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How We Serve Institutions

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Institution-friendly partnerships

Our partnership model requires zero out-of-pocket expenses. The online coursework is cohort-based, flexible and can be packaged as individual courses, summer bootcamps, full minors, or even an online semester — all of which can be launched under your banner in as little as two weeks.

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Innovation in Global Education

Think of Podium as your innovation partner. We’ve reimagined what global education can be, online. Our world-class software engineers, instructional designers, curriculum developers, and industry experts built a program that features international case studies from companies like Airbnb, Spötify, and Netflix. This framework enables students from all backgrounds to develop career-ready skillsets.

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Generating revenue for growth-minded institutions

Podium’s enrollment marketing experts design, fund, and execute outreach campaigns focused on increasing both domestic and international enrollment at your institution. Through both our summer and integrated programs, Podium generates new revenue streams for the institution while always putting students first.


How We Serve Your Students

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Deep investment in pedagogy, production and technology

Podium invests millions of dollars to develop the very best online courses for students. All programs are delivered online, but provide more interaction and higher engagement than most traditional in-person courses. Each course is designed to Carnegie-unit specifications and delivered through a combination of asynchronous and synchronous experiences.

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World-class instruction and student-support

We bring a network of renowned instructors, ready to serve your students. This core teaching team is complemented by robust academic and technical teams designed to support each and every student through their learning journey.

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Designed for ALL students

Access is core to our mission at Podium. Each and every course we create is designed for ALL students, regardless of background. Our context-first teaching model opens up new doors for students.

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Preparing students for great careers

At Podium, our motto is “Outcomes First.” Everything we do starts with improving job outcomes for students. Technology has impacted all careers. The job titles haven’t changed, but the required skills have. We provide students with the in-demand tech skills that ensure they are prepared for great careers. This is why we exist.

Let’s give every student a path to a high growth career.